For well over 36 years, Furman has been the leading manufacturer of AC power conditioners, AC voltage regulators, balanced isolation transformers, and AC distribution equipment for audio, video, and broadcast professionals.



Our products are relied upon by respected professional musicians, renowned recording and film studios, and major touring and performance companies throughout North America and across the world. They choose Furman for our reputation for reliability and our years of engineering expertise focusing on the specific needs of industry professionals that cannot afford equipment failure or downtime.Introduced in 2001, Furman’s acclaimed line of consumer power management products build upon the virtually maintenance free, performance enhancing technology found in our professional line. With components that have been re-engineered from the ground up, Furman’s consumer electronics product line is designed to meet the specific challenges found in today’s home-theater and high-performance audio systems. Along with parent company Panamax, we at Furman are focused on the future and our commitment to stretch the bounds of technology to provide the most advanced power management solutions available for audio and video electronics.

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